Little about us

Company m.e.t was established in 1986, in Thessaloniki, Greece, under the name "m.e.t Moisiadis G.". Our objective was the manufacturing of special compressed air plants. One year later we had started trading industrial pneumatic nailers and servicing any kind of power and pneumatic hand tools. Today, our company holds strong position in the sector of compressed air machinery and tool service. We are cooperating and distributing exclusively leading companies like, BeA Fastening Systems, Parise Compressori, and also other well-known international manufacturers. We offer pneumatic nailing tools, industrial compressors, painting systems and hotmelt equipment.. We supply also, all the necessary consumables, which are fully compatible to the machinery. With many years of experience and technical infrastructure, our company stands out above competition and supplies high-technology products and specialized solutions.

Why should us ?

We care about our customers and we are able to provide...

  • High quality products that reach the top standards.
  • Consumables compatible to the machines and enviromentally friendly.
  • Full technical support with after sales service and well priced spare parts.
  • Techical details, material standards and country of origin for all of our products.
  • Certificates of conformity under the regulations of 2006/42/EC in terms of free circulation and safety of machinery.